Safety Tips For Film Crews Driving Around The Dominican Republic


ver since The Godfather Part II shot its Havana scenes in Santo Domingo in the 1970s, the Dominican Republic has proven to be a popular film destination. The 2010 Film Law and subsequent tax credits have made filming in this stunning country even more attractive. The DR is home to state-of-the-art production facilities, beautiful scenery, tax incentives, and well-trained local crews. 

Transportation Services For Film Crews

Your local production company has your crew’s safety as a top priority. As such, we encourage you to use them to arrange transportation services to and from different locations. 

While there are some breathtaking destinations in the Dominican Republic, there are also other areas where additional supervision is recommended for your safety, as in any other developing country. We suggest you stay with your crew as much as possible. Your local producer will be happy to provide everything you need on-site, including travel accommodations for any film crew, no matter the size. 

If You Choose To Drive In The Dominican Republic, Follow These Important Safety Tips

If you want to add a few days to your schedule after filming for sightseeing or vacation, here are some helpful travel tips. 

First, you must understand that driving rules are more relaxed, making it more challenging for foreign drivers to adjust. The speed limits are also higher than average, compared to other parts of the world, with speeds of up to 50 miles an hour on some highways. Many roads are under construction, so you might want to plan your route carefully with the locals’ advice.


Gas stations, especially in rural areas, can be few and far between. Make sure to travel with a full tank of gas and do not travel too far. 

Because the rules of the road are more casual, you may want to:

  • Wait a few seconds before crossing a red light
  • Look both ways before crossing red lights or one-way roads 
  • Look out for people using hand signals (rather than blinkers) for turning left or right

We would also suggest not driving at night, which is especially important right now as there is a curfew in place due to COVID-19 restrictions. Be aware that some laws are strongly enforced, such as wearing seatbelts, not using your phone while driving, and not drinking and driving. 

Current COVID-19 Restrictions In The DR

At this time, travelers going or returning  to the US must have a negative COVID-19 test no older than three days. You will also encounter random COVID-19 screenings at airports and some public buildings. There is a curfew in place  from midnight till 5 a.m.  The curfew is strictly enforced. 

Once you arrive safely in the DR at your selected location, your local production services company can assist you with meeting all your needs without having to travel on your own.