Las Américas International Airport (AILA) will receive 653 flights in July

As of June 10th, Las Américas International Airport expects to receive 653 flights during the month of July. 13 airlines will be flying from 19 different cities from the United States and Europe. 


For the entire month of July, AILA is scheduled to receive 200 JetBlue Airways flights, in addition to 31 from Puerto Rico; 30 Delta Air Lines flights from the United States; 75 from American Airlines; 31 from Spirit Airlines and 22 from United Airlines. After July 5, European flights from Air France, TUI Fly, and Air Europa will also resume. 


Director of Corporate Communications of Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI (AERODOM) , Luis José Mena, said in a statement:

“We have focused on four principles: maintaining physical distance; strengthening sanitation and hygiene;  guaranteeing good air quality ; and ensuring communication. We hope to resume activities, but with different execution, especially in these first few months while we take additional precautions.”


Mena revealed that the company invested approximately 25 million Dominican Pesos to refurbish terminals at their six airports, in order to manage new hygiene and sanitary protocols. In addition, these airports have new signage and automated boarding equipment to ensure the safety of both passengers and airline staff. 

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